A little about me….

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I love Words!!

I have been dabbling in Writing for most of my life…nothing momentous, just a few Words now and again. It all started when I wrote a Poem in Primary School…as simple as the words were the sheer excitement of having the Poem printed in the School Magazine left me quite enthused.

So what lead me to Writing Children’s Books?

One simple answer………..I was inspired by my delightful, darling, amusing Granddaughters, Peyton, Mackenzie & Audrey.

It’s been said that you write what you know and how true that is.  What better Subjects than my own gorgeous Granddaughters.

The outcome, the inception of Four little Books which I began writing in June 2011. It’s been an incredible journey so far, my little Books have come to life. I wrote these little Stories in Rhyme and hope to add more Books to the ‘Series’.

I look forward to the ‘Three Little Sisters’ Series being discovered and loved by children worldwide.

Thank you so much for stopping by….

miriam angela mclennan



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